Monday, July 03, 2006

Yarn Sale!

Magic words to a knitter's ears-YARN SALE!!! I heard/read the other day of a local fabric store closing and everything was 50% or higher off! So that was my mission for the check out this so called sale and see what was left. When I pulled into the parking lot I was surprised at the number of cars there and disappointed since I obviously wasn't the only one who knew about this. I walked in and there were sale signs everywhere and I could feel my heart starting to beat fast at the thought of all the yarn I would find...except I didn't see yarn right away. There was lots and lots of fabric and lamps and other sewing notions, but I still hadn't found the yarn. Not wanting the trip to be a total waste I looked at buying some bamboo knitting needles at half price figuring I would use them someday..then I spotted the magazines and books and picked out a couple knowing the yarn must be close...I could feel it in my bones...Then I turned and looked and found the yarn display and must say was a bit disappointed. There really wasn't much left unless you were into the novelty yarns and it wasn't what I was looking for at this time-not even for my stash. I was almost ready to give up when I spied some "charcoal" cashmere yarn and I immediately pictured a scarf for my hubby (to wear during the two weeks a year it is actually cold enough) or any other male in my family (who live in Minnesota). I just knew I had to have it-I grabbed what was left along with a few other skeins of wooly, dark colored yarn and some yarn for my fish blanket. I ended up putting back the needles and still spent nearly $50.00 (and that was with a 60% discount)! I'd have to say it was worth the trip across town for that! Then I went to the nearby Mich@el's and pretty much spent what my discount was so I guess it all evened out in the end! Now that I have added 24 skeins/balls of yarn to my stash I figure I have enough yarn to last for quite awhile and need to start looking for a place to store it.


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