Saturday, July 08, 2006

Fish free and Knitting Boxes

As stated in yesterday's post, I aim to knit 1 fish a day but don't want to be stuck only knitting fish so I'm starting a few "side" projects. This will give me the incentive to quickly knit up my fish for the day(which some days really is a challenge) so I can tackle other knitting projects when I need the change. Last night with the help of a late night showing of "B@by Boom" on TV I was able to knit a second fish which gave me today free of knitting fish. I plan on putting some time knitting my first of three felted nesting boxes from Mason*Dixon Knitting which I had started earlier in the week. I am knitting these with yarn I purchased with a birthday gift card given to me from some friends to the LYS . I wanted to use the yarn to make something more lasting/useful than just a scarf. This way I will see the felted boxes on my shelf and think of them...ahhhhhhh.....If these turn out well, I may consider making them as gift boxes come holiday/birthday time.
I also plan on catching up on some recorded shows-DVR's are a WONDERFUL thing; reading the latest Janet Evanovich book, read some blogs and possibly trying to figure out how to configure things on my blog.
That's it...Have a great Saturday!!!


At 7/09/2006 , Blogger Kim said...

Are you enjoying the latest Janet Evanovich book? I love the series!! The fish are cool - you have a lot of patience.


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