Monday, November 20, 2006

A Patchwork of States

Being born and raised in Minnesota, I was happy with these results since I haven't lived there for 16+ years. I did have to guess on a few since I did grow up in a mining town "up north." I guess my "urban" knowledge came from driving through the twin cities as often as I did.
You are 83% Minnesotan

You are urban Minnesotan, or at least from the suburbs, and you know your stuff pretty well! Great job!

How Minnesotan are you?
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I guess I did pretty good on the TX quiz(I had to guess on several questions) only being a resident for 16 years but still feel MN is my true home. My parents are not from TX but Grandparents and Aunts/Uncles have all lived here "for a spell" at least. I do like to go shopping on the border but not as much as I first got here.
You are 77% REAL Texan!!

You're way more Texan than average. You're parents were probably from here too. We're glad to have you. You probably go to the border for Christmas shopping and are well versed in BBQ, Mexican Food and .. well thats pretty much it.

How Texan Are You?


At 11/24/2006 , Blogger betsy cathryn said...

you can take 'da girl outta 'da range but you can't take 'da range outta 'da girl!!!


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