Saturday, October 28, 2006

It's About the 3's

This meme was originally set up for 4 answers each, but due to my quirkiness (I like odd numbers), I changed it to three answers!

Three jobs I’ve had:
* Cashier
* Food Service
* Mystery Shopper

Three movies I can watch over and over:
* Baby Boom
* You've Got Mail
* While You Were Sleeping

Three places I have lived:
* San Antonio, Texas
* Northern Minnesota
* Southern Minnesota

Three television shows I love to watch:
* Project Runway
* Big Love
* Grey's Anatomy

Three places I have been on vacation:
* Cancun, Mexico
* Dude Ranch in the Texas Hill Country
* Germany

Three of my favorite dishes:
* Cheeseburgers
* Spaghetti
* Queso Flameado

Three websites I visit daily:
* Yahoo
* Google
* Web Sudoku

Three places I would rather be right now:
* Stranded in a cabin during a snowstorm
* Sitting on a beach watching the waves
* In front of a fireplace, drinking coffee/hot chocolate, reading or knitting with nothing else to worry about or do

Three bloggers I am tagging:
* You.
* And you.
* And you, too!


At 11/02/2006 , Blogger Lotus, the cognitive crafter (Michelle) said...

I love You've Got Mail! I met my husband online, so I definitely have a soft spot for it!


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