Monday, November 20, 2006

What a Knitter Does on Vacation

I am nearing conclusion of Day 3 (of 9) of my Thanksgiving vacation.

Sooo.... what does a knitter do with some time off?

1. Visits her LYS for some stash enhancement!!

Actually some of the yarn will be used for/as gifts. What you see pictured is just a sampling of what I bought. My bag runneth over. I am most excited about the sock yarn, the 2nd time Cotton yarn, and the yarn I bought to use for kool-aid dyeing.

2. Knits!
Here's what's on the needles these days:

There's a M/D box that just needs one side left, the starting of M/D 9 Patch dishrag, a grey scarf for brother, and the almost finished ballband M/D warshrag that was part of a housewarming gift I gave nearly 3 weeks ago I just hadn't finished this last dishcloth.

3. Reads books with knitting content.
Yes, I read all sorts of books(not just knitting related) but am in the mood for some "fun" reading these days.
I'm about 1/3 of the way through an older Debbie Macomber book-which always contains some knitting references. I also checked out Chicks with Sticks... from the library last week. I'm hoping to get both read this week.

4. I guess I'll also do the cooking/cleaning thing at some point too.


At 11/27/2006 , Anonymous susan said...

Nice stashs enhancement. (That sounds sort of naught, huh?)


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