Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Yarn Buyers Anonymous

I've decided there needs to be a support group for those of us who are addicted to buying yarn-Yarn Buyers Anonymous (YBA)

My name is Knitty McPurlypants and I'm addicted to buying yarn....sigh....

Exhibit A shows the yarn I absolutely needed for immediate projects:

Exhibit B shows what I ended up purchasing in a yarn buying binge:

Let's break it down: I only needed 5 skeins to finish current WIP's.
Yet somehow 4 days and 3 stores later I ended up with 25+ skeins/balls AND the latest knit.1 magazine.

The 5 knitting magazines and oodles of yarn I bought last month were CLEARLY not enough. I don't know when I think I'll have enough time to knit all that yarn! I swear I own more Sugar 'n Cream yarn than what is on display at Mich@el's, Y@rn B@rn and H0bby L0bby combined. Everytime I go, I see new colors I MUST HAVE or discover a new washcloth that I want to make, but don't have the right color. I must admit, I feel a sense of comfort looking at all my yarn and the possibilities it provides. I guess I still have the Northern MN mentality of stocking up for when you're "snowed in." I may not have food, but by God I'll have yarn. Yes, I realize I live in San Antonio and the odds of being "snowed in" are pretty slim, but a girl can dream.

On the fish front, my first funky fish! All of the fish I previously knit have been in solid colors. I ran out of the blue and debated whether to finish with a different lot or a different yarn altogether. I decided to add 2 colors, and thus my first funky fish! I'll knit more of these as I continue in my quest to knit 160 fish.

I love the different colors but weaving in all the ends was a major bee-otch!


At 10/10/2006 , Blogger Courtney said...

I too, am addicted to buying yarn. I'm supposed to be on a "yarn diet." I lasted about a month which might be a record for me. The only reason I was able to refrain from yarn buying for this long is that I had a very busy month. Today I went to the Yarn Barn and bought some stuff...

At 10/11/2006 , Blogger Kim said...

I have to admit that I am a Yarnaholic too. I've been good in the past month - no $$ or space will do that to you. The funky fish is really cute - maybe that will make them less boring for you to knit.

At 10/11/2006 , Anonymous Kristin said...

I'm a supposedly on a yarn diet too--but that's impossible until after the holidays so don't beat yourself up!

At 10/11/2006 , Blogger betsy cathryn said...

Sister! Buying yarn is addicting....I just have to avoid the stores that have yarn. So then I just go somewhere else and get something else I don't need. Your funky fish is awesome! Good job!

At 10/12/2006 , Blogger Kim said...

I love the funky fish!

I fully admit I have issues. You should come over and see my stash...LOL!


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