Friday, June 22, 2007

FO Friday

FINALLY!!! Some Finished Objects (FO's):

With the help of some of my guilty summer pleasure TV viewing of Starter Wife (man I would love to spend a summer in that house) and a 2 hour marathon of The Office (I freakin love that show) I was able to complete 2 dishcloths! Now its time to decide what to tackle next from my W.I.P. knitting basket. I'm bummed one of my other guilt pleasure shows-Project Runway won't show its new season until December-Boo!! Hiss!

I also have a restaurant recommendation for those of you in the S.A. area. DH and I tried some food from The Taco Garage the other day. It was fantastic!! We were there at lunch time and even though it's in a bad construction area the place was packed!! I find it a good sign when the clientele of a restaurant consists of all walks of life. I saw blue collared workers and shirt/tie professionals. People were there because the food was that good not because of location, status, or price. The service was amazing and I highly recommend the "roasted salsa"-I call the brown sauce although DH preferred the "green salsa." Everything we had was awesome (tortilla soup, nachos, enchiladas). Definitely worth dealing with the traffic!


At 6/23/2007 , Blogger Kim said...

Hmmm, might have to check out the Taco Garage.

Love the Office too!


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