Monday, June 18, 2007


Growing up, a frequent answer to the question of "What's for dinner?" was "Must-Goes." Which in my head I heard as "musk-oh's" aka "leftovers" basically what needed to get eaten before it got thrown away. BTW, NOT my favorite meal because if it had been good in the first place, there wouldn't be leftovers.

I decided after looking in my knitting basket, my current W.I.P's could also be named Musk-ohs. These are projects that are the equivilent to knitting leftovers. Projects that started with a bang, and are now almost a chore to finish.

My Fiber "Musk-oh" Roll Call:

1. Dishcloths. Although I can't say I was jumping up and down at the thought of knitting more dishcloths. The yarn is an Ecoknit yarn(I bought from a clearance bin) which seems to split easily and makes my hands dry. I'm anxious to get the first dishcloth and its sibling(reversed colors) done-they are actually needed in my kitchen. My current dishcloth has been bleached out and has a hole.

2. Baby Blanket(heart embossed). I'm not sure who is going to receive it which is probably why it has stayed in the basket so long. I realized it wasn't going to match the personality of the original recipient (she's much more of a tomboy and not in to the girly things and has outgrown the "blanket" stage). For some reason, this blanket doesn't photograph well-it's much cuter in person).

3. Yarn for more fish. I have around 40 more fish to knit but am at the point where I need to knit in specific colors. One of these days I'll lay them all out so I know which color/how many of the fish are left.

For inquiring minds, here are the 31 fish knit from my May challenge:

4. Finally, here are some glovelets I started up at the cabin. The pattern: Eric's Glovelets. The yarn: Green Mountain Spinnery's Sylvan Spirit Amethest yarn. These are coming along a little slow since I'm still fairly new to dpn's and haven't done a glovelet type pattern before. I am most excited about knitting these!

Since those were my "Must Goes." Here are my "Must Comes" from my trip. I was really into visiting different yarn shops and buying yarn rather than the usual trip souvenirs. I wrote about my purchases while up in MN but here's a pic of them:

1. I couldn't resist picking up some of the softest yarn ever: Chunky Misti Alpaca. This skein will become another set of fingerless gloves but I may buy more to make a great blanket.

2.Elsebeth Lavold cotton yarn in some warm earthy tones to make more dishcloths for my kitchen.

3. Trekking XXL in color "135." My sister also bought the same yarn so we could make matching socks.

4. 3 skeins of Green Mountain Spinnery's Sylvan Spirit yarn (2 Amethyst and 1 Moonshadow). I already started some glovelets with one of the skeins and not sure what the others will become (more glovelets, a scarf, or socks).

5. 2 skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock yarn.

Not pictured but mentioned/photographed in a previous entry:
Mountain Colors "Bear"foot yarn in the colors Yellowstone and Winter Sky.

I also bought some patterns, a book, and a partial sock-kit (the shop owner didn't have all the yarn needed for a particular pair of intarsia socks but gave me a great discount on the yarn she did have).

What are your "Musk-ohs?"


At 6/19/2007 , Blogger Bezzie said...

I don't have any muskohs on the needles right now!

Isn't that chunky alpaca the softest???

At 6/19/2007 , Blogger Betsy said...

Your glovelet looks great sister! Aren't you gonna tell everybody about the rest stop between Two Harbors and Ely???????? I think that was an experience worth sharing! Love you!


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