Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Too Many Tanks!

In a cleaning/organizing session I recently had, I realized I owned 20 tank tops. 20! Tank tops! When did I think I would be wearing them..and where??? I've already cut them down to 12 (rest will go to Goodwill). It's always scary taking an honest inventory of my closet and dresser. I am really trying to keep the amount of clothes under control by getting rid of one shirt for every shirt and I buy, etc. I have this thing about wanting all my clothes to being able to be hung or in drawers those few times when everything is washed and put away.

I know I'm going to be in for a rude awakening when I begin organizing and cataloging my yarn stash. I can guarantee I have the exact same colorways just different brands when it comes to sock yarns. And, who am I kidding, I've probably also bought the same thing twice without realizing it. Speaking of organizing and cataloging, only 1721 people are ahead of me in line-you know which line.

Here's a sneak peak of the fabrics I'm using for my first sewing project:

I've been bogged down with all the pre-washing/drying/ironing of fabric that needs to get done before sewing. I somehow blocked that step from my HS home economics class. I've been reading this book and highly recommend it for those wanting to get back in to sewing. It has some fun beginner projects and great tips for getting started.

Here's an update on my hedgie:

I'm not sure DH is going to believe me anymore when I tell him I'm knitting a scarf-hee! I think when he sees me knitting he just sees a yarn blob and doesn't pay too much attention.


At 8/08/2007 , Anonymous Susan said...

Can't wait to see your first sewing project.

At 8/09/2007 , Blogger Michelle said...

Great fabrics. The hedgehog is looking cute.

I love tee's and tanks and tend to go overboard (notice lack of comment on my stash). Don't feel bad.

At 8/09/2007 , Blogger Bezzie said...

Hedgy's starting to look like a hedgehog!

Well you are in Texas...I can see where that many tank tops would make their way into your wardrobe ;-)

At 8/09/2007 , Blogger dawn said...

i see those tanks and think 'embellish!'...
can you imagine what you could do with them
since you are so creative???


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