Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Crazy Cat

This is Nilla-sitting on my lap when I was up at the cabin last summer.

My younger sister brought her in from a freezing cold Minnesota winter's night (saving her life)a few years ago and ended up keeping her. I've never known a cat like Nilla, she definitely has her quirks.
Take this for example:

She spends April-November up at the MN cabin with my Mom and Dad (who dote on her). When my Mom sent this picture, the subject line read, "There are cats, and then there's Nilla!" She's a sweetie though!

Remember the snow pictures from last week? Well, the snow is gone, but take a look at this sunrise!

What a wonderful colorway that would be in yarn: Sunrise!


At 11/13/2007 , Blogger dawn said...

nilla probably runs when anyone says 'let's make banana puddin'!

her head in the lamp is adorable. she has watched way too much 'sunset tan'.

At 11/13/2007 , Blogger Courtney said...

I don't usually type LOL, but that cat picture is LOL funny. I'm going to be in northern MN for the turkey and I'm going to have to remember to get up early enough for a sunrise at least one of the days.

At 11/13/2007 , Blogger Betsy said...

Sister! You stole my blogging pics! That's okay....I still love you. Nilla under the lamp is too funny for words....especially if you know her! Love you always!

At 11/13/2007 , Blogger Amysatx said...

Hey! I'm the older sister-I get first dibs! Love you too!

At 11/13/2007 , Blogger Enid said...

Your sister said. TOO FUNNY.


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