Friday, November 09, 2007

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow..

For some reason, November seems to be a month of projects. For the third year in a row DH and I are planning on some November DIY type projects. This year: the guest room is going to be turned in my craft room (my yarn stash spilleth over).

Since the day DH and I moved in together I have HATED the couch he brought with him. You know the one...the bachelor couch. Here it is:

There's even a matching chair in his office. It's been taking up residence in my office area downstairs-much to my dismay- in addition to the matching pillows. Pretty, aren't they? NOT!

It all started with my wanting to get rid of the bed in the guest room (Salvation Army is coming tomorrow) and I cleverly worked into the conversation (letting him think it was his idea) that perhaps there were other pieces of furniture we could donate as well. He suggested a few pieces we've been storing in the garage and finally mentioned the dreaded pink couch-woo hoo!

So tomorrow the redecorating process can begin, the guest room will be cleared out and ready for painting over Thanksgiving break and I'll be rid of the pink couch.

In a way it is sad since we are both getting rid of several pieces of furniture from our single days with many memories connected to them (probably why we've kept them around this long). The sweet part? Shopping for paint and new furniture of course!


At 11/09/2007 , Blogger Bezzie said...

That's a really girly bachelor couch!!! My husbands was brown and frumpy. Eech!

At 11/09/2007 , Blogger Amysatx said...

I know! I think he was more proud of the "Deal" he originally got on it, than the color.

At 11/09/2007 , Blogger janna said...

Yes, I was going to mention that I've never seen a pink "bachelor couch"!! Not to mention the coordinating floral pillows..... ;-)

At 11/10/2007 , Blogger Amysatx said...

The pillows were a "gift" from his mother.


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