Sunday, October 21, 2007

Any Ideas?

I visited the Farmer's Market again yesterday and in addition to some potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions, I came home with these.

I've got a few ideas but am open to something new-any ideas for sweet potatoes?

I love magazines this time of year-filled with baking, decorating, and gift ideas. I'm such a magazine whore! Of course when I saw this I had to pick it up! Even DH commented on the thickness of it!!

I also enhanced my yarn stash after visiting my LYS.

I bought some Cascade 220 (color 7830-coral)-I recently bought some in color 8895 but it clashed with the ribbon I had for this project. If anyone is interested in 2 hanks of the 8895 (it's a bright Christmas like red) let me know! I also purchased some Baby Alpaca yarn for some fingerless gloves, and some Noro also sneaked in to my basket for another set of fingerles gloves. I joined the Fingerless Gloves knitalong hoping it would encourage me to finish the ones I started in June, but all that's happened is that I've found other patterns I like better and I keep buying yarn for them!

To sum up, I didn't do any knitting this week, and because I clearly do not have enough W.I.P.'s (4), I bought yarn for 3 more projects-makes sense in my world!!

Before I forget (November 1st is coming up fast!), here's the link for NaBloPoMo. I know I'm not disciplined enough to do it, but maybe some of y'all are!


At 10/22/2007 , Anonymous Susan said...

I like magazines at this time of year, too.

Love your yarn choices!!

At 10/22/2007 , Blogger Bezzie said...

I saw a recipe for regular mashed potatoes that had mashed sweet potatoes swirled into them. Not sure if it's any good, but it LOOKED good!

At 10/25/2007 , Blogger janna said...

I'm not big on sweet potatoes usually, unless they are mashed up with a lot of brown sugar and bourbon, but a couple days ago I had some sweet potato french fries that were absolutely fantastic.


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