Thursday, November 01, 2007

Day 1

Today is Day 1 of my NaBloPoMo challenge! And yes, I seriously need to place a post-it reminding me to blog everyday because I know I'll get caught up in my day-to-day routine and forget to post since normally I post on the weekends only.

I've read about how some people are following a strict schedule as to what they are going to blog about on each day. I need a break from structure and routine, I get enough of that with my job. What you will find here will be posts about knitting, cooking, my latest reads, and anything else that will come up in my life. Pretty random, huh?

I'm also LOVING that it is the 1st day of November. As excited as I get with the calendar turning to October, I get positively giddy with November. It means much cooler temps, great foods and a week off around Thanksgiving-who could ask for more?

Guess that's it for today. I'm tired and it's my favorite TV night (Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy, and The Office).

More tomorrow!


At 11/01/2007 , Blogger Michelle said...

One of the reasons I dig your blog is that you post about normal stuff that you like. The hardest part is when you post pics of your yummy dishes!

At 11/01/2007 , Blogger janna said...

I'll admit I've got a post-it notes with blog ideas listed. I think of things to blog about all the time, then forget them!

At 11/02/2007 , Blogger Bezzie said...

I will admit, if I have a lot going on, I will structure my blogging. But that happens like once every other month!!

You and Chunky with the November 1! All I heard yesterday was "Hooray! It's November! My birthday is this month!" Hee hee!


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