Monday, September 01, 2008

Lemon Jolly Ranchers?

When I left work on Friday, I had a mental list of all I wanted to accomplish during the 3-day weekend. Let's see how I did.

On the list and accomplished!
  • vacuum and dust upstairs and downstairs
  • mop bathroom floors (we have 3 bathrooms)
  • grocery shopping for the week (involved going to Sun Harvest, Sam's and H.E.B.)
  • knitting (not as much as I would have liked but did get to a S.N.B.))
  • reading (not as much as I would have liked)
  • laundry-only 1 load got done though
  • organize office
  • call parents
  • dust ceiling fan in bedroom
  • change calendars to September
  • refill Airwick plug-ins up and downstairs
  • watched 8 episodes of Weeds from DVR
  • take a nap
  • visit blogs and Ravelry
Not on the list, but still had to deal with:
  • doggie diarrhea (ahhh the joys of pet ownership)
  • "check engine coolant" light coming on while running errands
  • the mobs of shoppers clogging the aisles
  • a "Labor day" sale that ended yesterday (I went today)-how did that make sense?
  • accidentally spraying Oxi-clean laundry stain remover on my glass table...
Can you blame me??

Didn't get done:
  • all the laundry (DH offered to do the bedsheets tomorrow-yay!)
  • pickle banana peppers (hoping to do that tomorrow after work)
  • work stuff (ordering for reading department, list making, brochure creating, grade-book organizing) I guess I'll be fitting that in during the next few days)
  • pulling of stuff for Goodwill
  • more cleaning
All in all I feel good about what got done! What I failed to mention was the 95% of the items completed happened today. That's right, I put everything off for the last day...sigh...

Lemon Jolly Ranchers? Oh yea... One of the secretaries at school mentioned how much she likes lemon Jolly Ranchers. I thought I'd put together a bag of the yellow ones for her. I bought a few bags of the "regular" and the "sour" ones and not a yellow one in any of the bags. Let me know if anyone has stumbled across these!


At 9/01/2008 , Blogger Enid said...

I'm sorry about your puppy.

I don't think I've ever seen a lemon jolly rancher. you could try world market they have some different candies. or the Candy shops at the Mall.


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