Thursday, September 14, 2006

Coupon Karma

A few weeks ago I realized I was not going to be able to use my B@th & Body Works coupons (they expired that day) and gave them to a friend of mine. Afterall, if I wasn't going to take advantage of them, I'd want her to. That same day, I found myself at H0bby L0bby with an armful of yarn and some other purchases standing in a line moving slower than molasses. When I was finally able to put my items on the counter a lovely mother/daughter duo offered me their 50% of coupon since all of their stuff was on sale. How Nice!!!! I was able to use it on a $20.00 item!

The same thing happened this past weekend. I found myself in the line from hell..AGAIN....and a lady in the next line over offered me her 40% off coupon (do I look like I need coupons or something-I'm trying not to take it personally). I thanked her and took her up on it, but then realized I was only buying Sugar 'n Cream yarn so I was only going to save 50 cents or so. I felt a little guilty but since she was standing so close I figured I'd better use it. I even grabbed a photo frame someone had left behind thinking I could use it on that and wouldn't you know, that was on sale too. Anyway...I'm just sayin'.....Coupon's a good thing....share the love...

Tuesday night I had PTA/Parent Open House til 8:30 p.m. When I finally got home. There was an envelope on my desk from Pleasanton. I excitedly ripped it open to find these:

As a "Thank You" for buying/sending her the Interweave Summer Issue, Enid sent me some stitch markers! What a great way to end a busy and stressful day. Thank you, Enid!!!

I also found out at a get together Monday night that one of my friends is pregnant with her first baby and due in March! Yay!!!!! Baby knitting-here I come!!!


At 9/19/2006 , Anonymous enid said...

I'm so sorry I haven't been around to read and respond. School and some crazy allergies kicked my butt this week. You are so welcome!! Thank you for the mag. I've already started. :D


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