Thursday, May 10, 2007

100th Fish

I just finished knitting my 100th fish!!
I was going to lay all the fish out again to take a pic but just didn't have the time tonight.

I'm doing great with my "Knit A Fish A Day in May" program and am still up to speed: 10 fish in 10 days.

Only 60 more fish to knit!
Only 11 more days of school!

Life is good!!


At 5/10/2007 , Anonymous Susan said...

Congratulations! On the fish and the end of school!

At 5/10/2007 , Blogger Amanda said...

Woo hoo! Happy 100! 10 days and 10 fish for me too!

At 5/10/2007 , Blogger janna said...


At 5/11/2007 , Blogger Bezzie said...

Wow!!! And then it will be "seam a fish a day" right? ;-)

At 5/11/2007 , Blogger Wendy, the knit'n guru said...


Remember when we were kids and we didn't realize that the teachers were just as happy that school was out as we were?

At 5/12/2007 , Blogger Michelle said...

Congratulations! Hooray!!!

At 5/13/2007 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there! :)

I just finished my fish-blanket.. Looks like we've used the same pattern, but I only made 90(and then used only 88 of them..)

I'm looking forward to see yours!

Happy knitting!!

At 5/15/2007 , Blogger dawn said...

amy, i can't begin to imagine the work that was involved. i can't wait to see the completed project.

At 5/17/2007 , Blogger Amanda said...

you have been tagged, read my blog for details...


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