Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tangling with Tarn

Yikes! It sure has been hot...even by Texas standards! Out of the 28 days of June so far, we've had 11 days of 100+ temps and 7 days with temps 97-99....that's hot!!

Because it's been so hot, the afternoons have been spent catching up on movies/tv shows, reading and knitting. I recently finished my rug:

Yarn: t-shirts/sheets turned into yarn (tarn)
Needle: US 15
Pattern: CO 41 sts, work in seed stitch pattern. Final dimensions: approx. 34" X 21"
  • This was originally to be made for DH's bathroom or a mat for Sophie, but I love it! It hasn't left my home office area.
  • The "tarn" was great to work with other than being a bit bulky/heavy towards the end. It actually felt good knitting in locations that were warm.
  • The seed stitch creates a great texture for your toes!
  • I have enough leftover tarn for another small rug, but other than that, don't think I'll need to knit with it again. I just wanted to experiment with it but know there are lots of neat projects out there!


At 6/29/2009 , Blogger Bezzie said...

Very cool! I've never seen seed stitch with t-shirt yarn!


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