Sunday, May 31, 2009

At War with Squirrels

It was bound to happen....just a matter of time...the squirrels finally discovered our tomato plants....SIGH...... It started innocently enough, last weekend I noticed a green tomato sitting on the railing of our deck, I questioned DH and he hadn't put it there. Went down to check and found it had moved, and not much of it left.....SQUIRRELS!

After some online research, it seemed there was an almost overwhelming list of things to try....

1. Dog/dog hair-obviously that didn't work

2. Dried coyote urine or something like that. Looks like white snow.

3. Sprinkling of cayenne pepper. Think the squirrels just thought it was added seasoning based on this photo. If you look closely you can see the cayenne on the deck railing.

4. By this time it was WAR....DH was on a mission. Before I knew it, the vinegar soaked rags came out. Our deck smelled like italian dressing.

We've also tried...5. moth balls, 6. coffee grounds (found a squirrel in the pot with the coffee grounds), but I knew DH had finally lost his mind when he started collecting shiny things. Evidently he read somewhere the squirrels are repelled by shiny things. Now our tomato plants look like a disco.

If you click to make bigger you'll see the hanging strands of foil, ribbon, and wind chimes. Somewhere in the trees I imagine the squirrels are having quite a chuckle at my husband's antics.

I have made a note to myself to not plant tomatoes next year and just buy them at the local farmer's market.

I must go.....I just heard him mumbling something about hanging the shiny Christmas ornaments on the plants!!!


At 5/31/2009 , Blogger janna said...

That is hilarious!

At 6/01/2009 , Blogger Bezzie said...

I'm trying not to laugh...because I know I'd be doing the same thing. I'd probably have printed out pictures of my cats in the pots...


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