Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blooming Eggs

On our back porch/deck area we have two hanging plants that I scored on a clearance rack for $1.00 a few years ago. They've bloomed for the past few years but things weren't looking good this Spring. Over Spring Break I gave them a good "haircut" and tried to weed out all the dead leaves, etc....Finally yesterday I noticed the first signs of flowers and was so excited that I pulled the pot down to trim a bit more of the non-healthy parts.

Imagine my surprise when I looked in the plant to see this:

A bird nest with eggs!!!

For some reason I sort of had a minor excited-type freak out and kept chanting in head (and perhaps out-loud too), "Eggs in flower pot! Eggs in Flower pot!"-I tend to leave out prepositions when I'm in this state.

I was so worried the my moving the planter from the hook to the table would have somehow damaged the eggs or make the mama not want to come back. Then I noticed some activity in the yard and a very nervous bluebird flying from fence to fence watching me. CRAP!! I actually apologized to the bird (I'm a weirdo)..Ran in to get my camera and then carefully put the planter back on the hook and prayed the eggs wouldn't be abandoned.

When I mentioned the nest to DH, he was as surprised as me, but then remembered seeing a bird flying in/out of there a lot over the past month. After doing some online research I think the bird is an eastern bluebird and this can be common for birds to build nests in these type of areas. Believe it or not, the best way to keep birds from building nests is to position a rubber snake in the area around the pot.

We're going to leave the planter as is and hope for the best. I did see a bird flying in and out of the pot this morning so I know the eggs are still being cared for.

Will keep you posted!


At 4/26/2009 , Blogger Kaye said...

TOO COOL!!!!!!

At 4/26/2009 , Blogger janna said...

Poor nervous Mama-bird!


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