Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This past week I not only finished the schoolyear-but also a great book, and my Clapotis!

There's something bittersweet about packing up a room for the summer. It seems so empty and quiet compared to the normal hustle and bustle of the school day.

A few weeks ago I stumbled across the book The Fiction Class on my local library's "New Book" list. I decided to check it out and really enjoyed this book! I don't know if it was the teacher aspect, the writing angle or the fact it was a book that I read without expectation-it's been one of my favorite reads this year. It would be a great book for a book club!

My favorite part of the book is that every chapter or so, the author gives the reader a writing topic (same as the main character gives her writing class). The first writing topic was to list five obsessions and then write a few paragraphs about one of them). Here are my five:
  • Fiber -I've decided I want to learn to spin this summer and have been stockpiling fiber.
  • Books-just can't get enough of them!
  • Cleaning-I've been the crazy cleaning lady the last few days so I can enjoy a life of leisure the rest of the summer.
  • Weather-I'm always obsessed with the weather (not just mine but wherever there are storms) and could have the weather channel on all the time.
  • Knitting-enough said....
Speaking of knitting.....

I finally finished my Clapotis!

It's huge-but I love it!!! Both my computer chair and favorite seat in the living room are located beneath a vent. I freeze when the AC comes on so this is perfect!! I had a hard time taking it off long enough to weave in the ends. This will be my "workhorse" Clapotis and am already planning on making another one for dressier occasions with a fancier yarn.

Pattern: Clapotis
Yarn: Katie Jamaica-just shy of 5 balls/skeins
Needle: Denise size 7
Final size: approx. 18" X 84"
  • I'd definitely make the next one shorter in length!


At 6/10/2009 , Blogger janna said...

My obsessions are really similar to yours, except for the cleaning part - want to come work on my house? It's small! ;-) I'll have to check out the book, since I was a creative writing major in college.

And the Clapotis looks great!

At 6/10/2009 , Blogger Bezzie said...

Your clap is amazing! Very summery!!

I"m also tickled that you're stockpiling fiber BEFORE you learn to spin. Smart woman ;-)

At 6/26/2009 , Blogger Brenda said...

Your clapotis is so pretty! I think I've told you before, but I just love the striping!


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