Saturday, August 01, 2009

The 3/50 Project

I stumbled upon the 3/50 project a few weeks ago, LOVE the concept and figured it would be good blog fodder each month. Click on the link for more specifics, but basically 3/50 stands for spending $50.00 a month total between 3 different local independently-owned businesses.

Here are my 3 for this month:

1. Rowan Colourscape Chunky from Yarnivore, a LYS.

2. Breakfast from Il Sogno while checking out San Antonio's newest Farmers Market. I enjoyed a panini sandwich along with some fresh squeezed juice from this restaurant that has only been opened 1 week.

3. Goodies from the Farmers Market (bread, jams, veggies, and some local grass-fed beef).

I obviously spent more than $50.00 but its just the idea to go out of my way to support local businesses when I can. As for the new Farmers Market, it's really nice and hip, but I think there's a certain charm to buying your fruits and veggies from the overall wearin', beat-up truck drivin' farmer I see at my usual Farmers Market but will definitely visit the brewery every once in awhile too.


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