Monday, September 14, 2009

Crockpot Sunday

I love themes....So when I first read about this idea on Ravelry I knew I wanted to participate too. For the non-Rav folks, basically someone came up with an NFL Slow Cooker Schedule, the author is due in December and thought it would help her be organized to plan to cook in her crockpot every weekend during the NFL schedule. I'm doing the same, but am calling it Crock Pot Sunday.

I loved having the soups to eat from during the week when I did the Souper Saturday last year. I just hated all the prep work and let's face it, it's hard to get excited about soups in July. Crockpot Sunday will last throughout the duration of the NFL season and probably into the playoffs as well; perfect weather for that type of food/cooking.

My first offering came from a teacher at school:

Crockpot Roast

1 chuck roast (biggest one you can find)
1 pkg au jus (McCormick)
2 pkg dry Italian salad dressing
2 cups water

Note: I did dredge the roast in flour and seared on all sides before adding to the crockpot. Just mix this all up in the crockpot and add roast. Cook all day in crock pot on LOW. (8 hrs is great, then you could keep it on "warm" if you have that setting). I know it's tempting to add veggies and/or wine but just try this plain jane version, I promise you won't be disappointed!

I served this with mashed potatoes, but would be great with rice or baked potatoes. It was amazing!! The house smelled heavenly and the left overs were wonderful! I'd love to hear what your favorite slow cooker/crock pot recipes are!

I've been so busy with school not a whole lot of knitting has been happening, but I did make a trip to the Tinsmith's Wife last weekend and picked up some Three Irish Girls sock yarn (Clare) and some Malabrigo sock yarn (Impressionist Sky). I don't PLAN on buying anymore yarn until Kid 'n Ewe but I can't make any promises!!


At 9/14/2009 , Blogger Kaye said...

Here it's Crockpot Every Other Tuesday. Ha ha. Tomorrow (well actually it's Wednesday this week) is more Italian Wedding soup. That roast sounds good!

At 9/15/2009 , Blogger Michelle said...

Me thinks I'll be giving your recipe a go this weekend! Thanks for sharing! Your yarn looks yummy too...

At 9/15/2009 , Blogger janna said...

You don't think some carrots and onions and maybe quartered potatoes in there would make it even better?

And I have to get to the Tinsmith's Wife next time I'm in SA!

At 9/16/2009 , Blogger Amysatx said...

If you really wanted to add the veggies..I'd do them separate or put them in later. A carrot/onion/potato cooked for 8 hrs probably wouldn't be very good.

At 9/19/2009 , Blogger Brenda said...

Your recipe sounds delicious! And your new yarn looks heavenly! Missed joining you on the Comfort fieldtrip. Sounds like you had fun!


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