Saturday, November 07, 2009

Shopping Green

Today I decided to check out a new grocery store, Green Fields Market. DH and I watched King Corn a few days ago and I have to admit that several of the messages the movie made still haunt me. I was determined to look for/buy grass-fed beef and sodas not sweetened with high fructose corn syrup at least for 1 week.

  • Clean/Open set up
  • Small (great for folks who don't want to navigate through 40 aisles to buy milk)
  • Friendly, Knowledgeable staff-Great service!!
  • Great bin collection (coffee, grains, candy, etc)
  • Great collection of organic, Texas/USA products
  • Environmentally friendly from the lighting to the lack of plastic bags; there is a definite effort to be as Green as possible.
  • Location (its a bit far for me to make part of my normal routine; I'd go back if I were in the area though)
  • Small (not much of a selection compared to the stores I normally shop, although I was able to take care of my grocery shopping for the week).
  • I spent a bit more than I normally would for groceries for the week (It was worth it to check it out and support them, but not on a regular basis-which is my reality)
  • As much as I loved seeing the huge barrels of coffee beans, is it good for them to be so exposed to the light, air and other peoples hands?
I wish:
  • Bigger bakery area-more items
  • More ready to eat/heat type items (deli-type area: sandwiches, salads, soups, entrees)
  • Coffee/Beverage bar-I was really thirsty and would have bought something to drink
It was a positive experience but not one with my current lifestyle I'd make as my Go To grocery store. DH and I will definitely enjoy our grass-fed beef (including an Akaushi beef steak), organic fruits and veggies along with our sodas sans high fructose corn syrup. I will go back and spend more time checking out all the goodies in their bins though-perhaps over Thanksgiving or Christmas vacation!


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