Sunday, July 16, 2006


Well, I finished all the Warming Grace blocks that I could get done. They are now drying and will hopefully be dry in time to bring them to SnB this evening. Last night around 8 p.m. I contemplated trying to squeeze in knitting another one but decided not to since I was already getting tired and me being tired and trying to knit doesn't usually turn out well. I've taken a fish hiatus for a few days. I wanted to do the WG blocks, nesting boxes and get started on a warshrag. I'm leaving for a long road trip (24 hours each way) in a few days so I know lots of fish will be done then.

While at W@lm@rt today I spotted Peaches n Cream yarn but wasn't crazy about the color selection. I think I'll stick to H0bby L0bby and their Sugar n Cream selection.

I did score some killer coupons from the local grocery store today : $15.00 in free gas and 2 free Silver St@rs BB tickets. I usually get coupons for things I'd never buy-but these were halfway decent. I'll give away the Silver Stars tickets (value $19.35 each) to anyone who wants them. I'll bring the coupon to SNB tonight.

Not much else going on. Pretty boring-I know.


At 7/17/2006 , Anonymous enid said...

When are you leaving for your trip?
have a safe trip Amy!


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