Sunday, January 04, 2009


The time has transition from vacation life (16 days of vacation) to work life...SIGH......

Yesterday I woke up grumpy...made worse by the fact it was going to be in the mid-eighties temperature wise, not a cloud in the sky, and I had to go back to work in two days. I know people up north would trade those temps in a second, but down here...being originally from MN I hardly ever get cold weather...and when it's suppose to be winter...I want it to be winter!!

So I was in a funk yesterday...I called it the "Back to School Blues." Talked to a fellow teacher from my school who was also feeling the same way. Posted on Ravelry about it and got many responses of similar feelings. I just wanted to crawl under a blanket and not have to deal with going back to work. I like my job...but like staying home better. Decided to hit the grocery store and figure out the food for the week. When I got in the car to leave, put on my sunglasses and this happened.

I guess when your sunglasses break, its a sign that vacation is over.

No more:
  • sleeping in
  • staying up late
  • shopping trips to malls and outlet stores
  • indulging in hours of reading, movie watching and knitting throughout the day
  • all day pajama days
Out with:
  • dips, spreads, crackers, chips
  • cookies, candies, holiday sweets
In with:
  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • salads....lots of salads
  • the scale....oh the scale..
  • thinking about the health club and working out (baby steps)
  • setting the alarm
  • working
  • being "in charge" and responsible for others
Today I woke up to a beautiful gray/cool morning.

Even colder tomorrow-YES!!!

The transition begins..I'm ok with it. I've made my peace. I'm going to enjoy the day, already have a load in the dryer, been putting things away and getting organized, also have a good start on a few fast knitting projects.

Besides, Spring Break isn't too far off!


At 1/04/2009 , Blogger Bezzie said...

Uhg...I'm almost 1/2 way thru my mat. leave---I will feel your pain soon!!

At 1/04/2009 , Anonymous Susan said...

Poor thing. I know how you feel. Going back is always tough. I dread tomorrow, too.

At 1/05/2009 , Blogger Chris said...

"Spring break is a few weeks away", just repeat it over and over. At least the kids will feel your pain. I hope you enjoyed your vacation to the fullest sweety!!

At 1/05/2009 , Blogger Courtney said...

Do you get the Monday after next off for MLK? That's just two weeks away!


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