Saturday, February 28, 2009

Home Comforts

Last weekend DH and I were craving some comfort from the kitchen. Saturday came in the form of homemade mac 'n cheese. Sunday came in the form of soup and bread.

I had actually wanted to make a different bread, but didn't have the time so opted to pull out my 8 yr old bread machine I haven't used in nearly 5 years. I seriously thought there might be something living in it by now! I maneuvered it out from the scary dark area of my pantry and gave it a good wipe and was good to go!

I gathered and put in the ingredients for my tried and true Sally Lunn Bread, and hoped for the best when I pressed Start.

While the bread was baking, I pulled a turkey carcass out of the freezer (left over from New Years Day). Covered it with water. Threw in some chopped carrots, onion, celery along with some peppercorns, bay leaf and some thyme and let is simmer for a few hours and made some homemade stock. Mom's tip: skim the foam as it's cooking.

Strained the stock and added a new set of veggies, herbs, and some chopped turkey. Simmered it until veggies were cooked, added some cooked noodles and viola!

The bread even turned out too! Makes me want to get back in to using the bread machine again!

The smells the bread and soup brought to our kitchen were intoxicating! Of course I had to add a little knitting and some reading to complete my weekend of comfort!

What are your comfort foods?


At 3/02/2009 , Blogger Michelle said...

I dig chips and homemade salsa! Sometimes, though, I'm all about Rice Krispie Squares. I add just a little extra butter, just to make them more gooey. But the ultimate in comfort for me is hot chocolate with creamer.

Soup from scratch makes me think of my mom. Good times.


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