Saturday, November 20, 2010

Elephant Grass

Hey look! Another blog post-told you I'd be back!!

Big Basket!

Today was my official launching of the holiday season with my annual trek to the Showcase of Arts and Crafts. I usually end up with a bunch of soup, dip and/or jams (I'm a sucker for all the samples). Today I showed remarkable restraint! My favorite purchases were the 2 elephant grass baskets! I'd been wanting baskets like these for quite awhile and was surprised to see them at the show! I bought a big one (for yarn and W.I.P.'s) and a small one (for this and that) at school.

Little Basket

I also bought the best pot scrubbers ever! They are crocheted with netting and can be found really cheap! I usually stock up every November.

Foodwise I bought some kettle corn and a jar of peach preserves!
The peach preserves taste great over cream cheese with crackers-Yum!!

Although there didn't seem to be quite as many vendors it was still so much fun and my favorite way to start Thanksgiving vacation!


At 11/20/2010 , Blogger Courtney said...

That sounds like fun! My MIL is in town and I bet she'd love that. Maybe we'll head down there tomorrow.

At 11/21/2010 , Blogger Kaye said...

Such a clever scrubbie! I like that!

At 11/02/2014 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Super blog


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