Sunday, July 30, 2006

Yarn Harlot in Austin!

Yesterday I met up with 7 other knitster friends (Janna, Kim 1, Mary, Enid, Susan, Kim 2 and Claudine) at St@rbucks and we headed up to Austin to see the great Yarn Harlot. We wanted to get there early so we'd have a good seat..and we the second row at the Baptist church the event was held. Stephanie's talk/speech was as funny and entertaining as her writing. I really enjoyed hearing how she got started writing her books and can totally relate to the stories of herself and the non-knitters she encounters in her day-to-day life.

While we were waiting to have her sign our books(Sister I got one signed for you!) we visited Hill Country Weavers who sponsored the event. For as many people as there were and as hot as it was, I was so impressed with how orderly and smooth everything went. Only in Texas would a classy yarn shop have water and beer along with brownies and pralines free for the taking as we waiting for our turn to go to the book signing line(we all had tickets and they would let us know when our "group" of numbers was ready). Talk about catering to your customers! Yarn and/or books/patterns were bought by all. My yarn "score" will be shown tomorrow.

Finally it was our time to "line up" and the book signing line went fast! I felt like such a dork saying "My name is Amy and I knit fish!" Stephanie was so friendly we all felt like we were her first 25 people she saw instead of #150-175. After we all got our books signed we walked on over to Guero's and met up with around 25 other Texas knitters/bloggers. 2 Texas Bloody Mary's later I was having a great ole time!!

We finished lunch and walked back to Hill Country Weavers for another "walk through" and I believe we all added to our earlier purchases. I know I won't see those colors or quality of yarn until my next visit to Hill Country Weavers so I had to take advantage of this great shopping opportunity.

We shuffled back to the cars and made our way back down to S.A. I know I was exhausted when I got home but would make the trip again in a heartbeat!


At 7/31/2006 , Blogger Kim said...

We looked tired before we even got there! I'm still exhausted!


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