Sunday, February 18, 2007


I used to think:



I fought the swatch...and the swatch won...

Mission: Knit a 12" X 12" piece for a project.

Step 1: Choose a stitch pattern from a resource such as this .

Step 2: Announce to your fellow SnBer's on 2/11/07 that you hate knitting swatches and plan on knitting the piece "cold." Besides, how difficult could it be to knit a 12" X 12" square? (The knitting Gods are snickering at this point)

Step 3: Realize Gulls and Garter is not as easy as you think when you get to this stitch combination in Row 4: insert RH needle under strand 2 rows below, k next st on LH needle, drawing loop through st on needle and under strand in one motion. Ummmmm...WHAT???!!!

Step 4: Announce after your first "gull" attempt in the pattern looks like it has broken wings that this will indeed be a swatch.

Step 5: Seek assistance. Realize after many deformed "gulls" that you didn't like the stitch pattern anyway.

Step 6: Knit another swatch in a different stitch pattern. Decide you don't like that one either.

Step 7: Settle on a third stitch pattern to try: Sugar Cubes . Knit a swatch. Figure out your gauge. Cast on 61 sts based on your calculations.

Step 8: Realize you didn't get a "C" in college Algebra for nothing when your piece ends up being at least 2" too long.

Step 9: Cast on for the umpteenth time. The magic stitch number was 49! Knit up the piece....Finally Finish!!!

Step 10: Enjoy some coffee with your "Sugar Cubes."

Step 11: Cast on for the second square. This one is progressing much better!!!


At 2/18/2007 , Blogger Kim said...

The finished square looks so good. Unfortunately the recipient will never know how much pain went into getting there.


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