Sunday, March 04, 2007

Yarn Hangover

Is there such a thing as a Yarn Hangover??!!

If there is, I think I have one. I'm not feeling buyers remorse...but just a little woozy as I look at the online yarn receipts in my email.

My debit card was smokin' last night as I ordered yarn from not one...or two..but THREE different sources. I was in a yarn ordering frenzy and in deep need of a yarn intervention. I ordered two balls of Berroco Pleasure yarn from EB@Y , some Goa yarn from Yarn Market, and two skeins of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn (I wanted to order the whole collection!!) from The Loopy Ewe(along with some DPNs). You'll have to wait 7-10 days before seeing the pics though. All this because I didn't make it to Yarn Barn yesterday and wanted the yarn before my Spring Break-March 12-16th.

In my defense..all of the yarn ordered is for specific projects (socks and a baby blanket) which will be cast-on soon after I receive the yarn. I know those of you who know me personally are thinking: "But she doesn't know how to knit socks!" That would be correct..for now...but I've officially declared March to be the "Month of Socks!" February was for Finishing (which I did a fairly good job with) and March is for Makin' Socks. Stayed tuned for April which I'm thinking will be for Entrelac.

Speaking of "February is for Finishing." I finally finished the Neverending Green Scarf this morning. Which to me looks so much better in person than in photos.

If February had 32 days it would have been done in February, but oh well. With the help of a pot of coffee and the movie Bridget Jones Diary showing on A & E this morning, I was finally able to get it done..for the most part. I just need in to weave in those pesky ends.

It ended up being a "long" scarf-72 inches!!! But I just wanted to finished the second ball of yarn and figured the receipient could adjust the length if she so desired.

It's made with Feza's Dazzle Yarn (Color 512). The pattern being: Knit it in the stockinette stitch...40 stitches per row. Knit first 5 and last 5 stitches in each row. Knit til you run out of yarn.

On the knitting menu for this week: fish, some seaming of boxes, some weaving in of ends, and a certain gray hat that didn't get finished in February.


At 3/04/2007 , Blogger janna said...

I love the monthly themes, although I have to say that I think it's related to your being a teacher -- I remember lots of themes in grade school!

And you're right - the green scarf looks muchbetter in person....

At 3/06/2007 , Blogger Michelle said...

Oh no! We didn't give you the crochet lesson! Naughty, naughty!

I can't wait to see you enjoy making socks!

At 3/06/2007 , Blogger Kim said...

You go! I agree with Janna - it's a teacher thing :-)


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