Sunday, July 19, 2009

Symphonic Sunday

There's just something about a lazy Sunday morning drinking coffee. This morning I decided to also make some brownies to go with my coffee-Symphony Brownies.

I'd seen the recipe on an episode of Paula Dean's cooking show a few months ago and put it on my mental list of something to make someday. Although I didn't have the candy bars on hand, it wasn't a big deal to hop in the car and pick them up at the neighborhood drugstore.

Symphony Bars
  • These are a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!!
  • I followed the advice in the reviews and used 1 brownie mix for an 8 X 8 pan.
  • I also decided to try 2 kinds of bars. Half the pan had the Choc./Almond/Toffee Symphony bars and the other half had dark chocolate caramel Ghirardelli bars.
  • Seriously..these are good...REALLY good!

I have also been knitting. Actually I've been pretty monogamous with my knitting. I've devoted the majority of my recent knitting time to my scroll scarf. It doesn't seem to want to ever end though. I have been using my desk as a reference point (nearly 5 feet long) have just kept knitting and knitting and knitting til it reached the end. I'm nearly there but have plenty of yarn to go further.

I love this pattern..but am starting to get tired of it and the ball doesn't seem to be getting smaller...sigh..I'm at the point in a project where it seems like you knit and knit and knit and it doesn't seem to be getting longer and the ball stays the same size.

I am motivated to stay disciplined and finish the scarf since it's one that requires a quiet environment (I have not had good success in bringing it to SnBs). I know once school starts I won't have as much down time to devote to it. Hopefully my next post will show a completed scarf!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A "Comfort"-able Saturday

My Mother informed me I hadn't updated my blog in awhile and I had a few moments before heading out for the day so thought I'd write about my adventures yesterday!

First off though is my contribution to Bezzie's request to flash your library card:

I'm fortunate in that I teach right next door to a public library which I use quite frequently during the school year. I included my tattered and torn key chain card which is my card choice.

Back to yesterday....

A few of my knitting friends and I headed to Comfort, TX to visit The Tinsmith's Wife yarn shop. The day was fantastic from start to finish. We all met up at a local Starbucks, piled into Kim's car, and then headed west to the Stars Hollow like town (for the Gilmore Girls fans out there) of Comfort.

Most went with with a list of what to buy, I didn't..and that can be dangerous! I ended up purchasing:

An eggplant colored Cali Zuma bag and matching Mini Cozy. I'd been wanting a "nice" knitting bag for awhile now and was thrilled to find one in my favorite color!

I also bought some beautiful Spud & Chloe sock yarn (color: anemone) and that was suppose to be it...until I saw the Lorna's Laces.

and some Bullfrogs and Butterflies yarn (color: Lakeview) also made it into my pile to buy.

At that point I hurried to check out before I was seduced by any other yarn.

I made my way to the couch to knit while the others finished their shopping and made a new friend with Noro the cat.

Once we all finished with our shopping we had the best burger in the state of Texas at 814, A Texas Bistro and got dessert to go from Sweet Comfort, the candy store across the street!

I think this was my favorite day of summer vacation so far!