Saturday, February 28, 2009

Home Comforts

Last weekend DH and I were craving some comfort from the kitchen. Saturday came in the form of homemade mac 'n cheese. Sunday came in the form of soup and bread.

I had actually wanted to make a different bread, but didn't have the time so opted to pull out my 8 yr old bread machine I haven't used in nearly 5 years. I seriously thought there might be something living in it by now! I maneuvered it out from the scary dark area of my pantry and gave it a good wipe and was good to go!

I gathered and put in the ingredients for my tried and true Sally Lunn Bread, and hoped for the best when I pressed Start.

While the bread was baking, I pulled a turkey carcass out of the freezer (left over from New Years Day). Covered it with water. Threw in some chopped carrots, onion, celery along with some peppercorns, bay leaf and some thyme and let is simmer for a few hours and made some homemade stock. Mom's tip: skim the foam as it's cooking.

Strained the stock and added a new set of veggies, herbs, and some chopped turkey. Simmered it until veggies were cooked, added some cooked noodles and viola!

The bread even turned out too! Makes me want to get back in to using the bread machine again!

The smells the bread and soup brought to our kitchen were intoxicating! Of course I had to add a little knitting and some reading to complete my weekend of comfort!

What are your comfort foods?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Yarn Goodness

When I came home from work I had 2 packages waiting for me-both relating to the latest coffeeswap.

I was actually part of a trio. I gave to Person A, who bought for Person B, who bought for me. Penny, the person I had to buy for, mentioned how she'd like some yarn from Fresh From the Cauldron.

I'd never heard of the yarn and had me at "Hello." Now only are there colorways for the classics, but also Twilight and True Blood. I'm such a sucker for a great name!

Just take a look:

(Jacob Black, Bella Swan, Little Women, Jane Austen, and Pam)
Not pictured: The Esme Cullen colorway I gave to my swap person.

I adore the colors!! If you are interested in any from the Twilight or True Blood series you only have until February 28th to order. She is doing a sock club so these colors will not be available for the next year.
Jen was so sweet she did a rush order for my swap person and sent the other yarn later. Just email her with what you want.

I was also thrilled to receive my coffeeswap package!

Not only was it filled with chocolate, coffee (Kona-my favorite), and other knitterly goodies, but it also introduced me to yarn from Wool in the Woods! I loved it!!
Thanks Dorothy!

It will be hard to stay focused on my Clapotis and not knit with any of my new yarn.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hello Friend

Since finishing the One Row Scarf, I was trying to decide what to work on next. I knew I didn't want to work on another scarf (even though I have 2 on the needles). I mentally reviewed my non-scarf WIP' hit me!!! My Clapotis!

I think seeing so many of them being worked on at last Thursday's SnB had something to do with it too.

Once I made the decision I could hardly wait to get my hands on my ol' friend, Clapotis. I was a bit nervous though. It had been nearly 6 months since I last worked on it.

Would I remember where I was? Would I know what to do? How much longer before decreasing? How much yarn did I have left? Heck, I didn't even know exactly where it was!

When I did finally find it, I pulled it out of the bag and thankfuly all the stitches were still on the needles.

Hoping I kept accurate notes and the stitch counter was on the right row, I started again.

We're back in business! I have 4 rows left in this straight row repeat section. Then I need to decide if I want to do another round or start the decrease section.

I'm so excited! When I bought the yarn, it was meant for a Spring shawl. With Spring being just around the corner, it will be a good incentive to finish it!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I cracked up when I saw the most recent episode of "The Office" where Dwight had put up a sign celebrating Kelly's birthday: IT IS YOUR BIRTHDAY.

Nothing big happening here...just a bunch of little stuff:

  • Finally finished My One Row Handspun (actually acrylic) Scarf.

    • Pattern: One Row Handspun Scarf
    • Yarn: Vanna's Choice (I had a giftcard to use up, it was for the son of a friend, and the right color). I normally don't knit with acrylic but sometimes it just works out that way.
    • Needles: sz 8
    • CO 26 stitches
    • Ending dimensions-72" X 5"
    • Notes: Easy pattern...would definitely knit again!!!
  • Stopped at my favorite plant nursery today and picked up some tomato plants (still waiting for the cherry tomato plants to come in) and some Carolina Jasmine-lurve the smell.

The tomato plants were part of DH's Valentine gift-I got him some high quality chocolates too! He loved it! Plus we'll have tomatoes in a few months!

  • Sent my Coffeeswap 4 package Canada..also learned you can't use purple ink on the customs form.
  • Finished reading In Cold Blood earlier in the week-supporting my sister(who finished faster than I) who is trying to read 50 books this year. Found it rather haunting...not only do I know of students with similar backgrounds to Perry's and can't help but wonder what will become of them, I also found myself relating to this quote from the book:
My acquaintances are many, my friends are few, those who really know me fewer still.

I'm not sure if how closely I resemble that quote a bad thing or not.

Needless to say after reading about 4 murders and 2 executions, I am relieved to be reading Married in Seattle now.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Taddy Bear Club Party

About 6 months or so ago, the granddaughter of my neighbors along her parents moved in next door. She seems to be the social director for the block since there are usually hoards of kids in the back/front-yard. It can sometimes be annoying since they're not the best about picking up after themselves, but when I came home from work and saw this sign posted on the door going to their backyard, I just melted. I wanted to be 8 1/2 years old all over again......SIGH.....

"Taddy (love the spelling) Bear Club Party this Saturday"

Of course it made me dig out my childhood teddy bear. Or at least what's left of him.

It was made out of my grandpa's old coat and I guess I loved it to pieces given its current state. No eyes, mouth and several worn areas. Grandma sure knew how to sew something that would last-it's at least 35 years old!

Think they'll let me into their club if I show up with him tomorrow?